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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What happens to a Fill For Less plan after the first year?

The plan will be reinvoiced on an annual basis until the cylinder is no longer required and returned.


2. In the second year of the Fill For Less plan, how many free refills am I entitled to?

Only one. Refills do not accrue if not redeemed.


3. What happens after I use up all the included fills?


Any additional fills that are not included in the plan are priced per additional cylinder at the value of the elected Fill For Less plan.


4. Can I commence a Fill For Less plan before returning existing cylinders of the same size?

No. A Fill For Less plan can only commence off the back of a Free of Charge order. Fill For Less is designed to incentivize customers ’to return any existing cylinder(s)in use and have it exchanged with a full to initiate the plan. This is a win-win for the customer.


5. Will I get a credit if I return cylinder(s) on a Fill For Less plan if I no longer require them?

No. Cylinders returned part-way through the 12 month period will NOT receive a credit.


6. How can I check for remaining included fills or rent-free days?

Contact Customer Sales Support on 1300 781 071.


7. Can I have multiple Fill For Less plans for the same product and size?

Yes. If multiple cylinders are required under a Fill For Less plan, it is advisable that they are commenced and processed on the same day. Any additional cylinders of the same product and size loaded after a plan is commenced will accrue normal rental charges.


8. Can I transfer or pick up other gases under an existing Fill For Less plan has commenced?

No. Customers are only entitled to what they have signed up and are loaded for. Once a Fill For Less plan has been loaded, it is the loaded product which the customer can obtain their eligible free refill for. Any other gases or sizes acquired once a Fill For Less plan has commenced will incur normal rental charges, unless otherwise specified to be loaded on a new Fill For Less plan.

If you require a different gas or size, please contact Customer Sales Support on 1300 781 071.