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Novatank Portable Freshwater Tank 5000L

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(FRESHWATER VERSION) Price includes 100km radius delivery. Depots are at Orange (NSW), Dalby (QLD), Terang (Vic) and Cavan (SA)

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Portable Rainwater Tank

In 2006 Novatank designed the world’s first collapsible water tank that could contain 5,000 litres. The engineering ensured the rigours of even industrial applications would be met. Using a unique truncated thermoplastic fabric liner and galvanised steel frame, the Novatank is truly a breakthrough in liquid storage design.

Over two years of testing and trial resulted in a product that exceeds expectations worldwide. In almost a decade of production, Novatank has maintained a 100% record without a single quality-related warranty claim.

The tanks can be transported individually in light vehicles or stacked up to 2 high or 5 upright for efficient bulk transportation. The picture on the right is how Novatank pallets are shipped from the factory. The Minimum Order Quantity is 1 tank to any continent. 3 Pallets (15 tanks) go into a 20′ Container and 7 Pallets (35 tanks) go into a 40′ Container.

Patented worldwide, Novatank is the solution to a big, mobile and functional water storage system when in use and a neat, compact and unobtrusive item, when not and ready to be easily relocated and erected when demand calls. Assembly is undertaken in mere minutes by two adults.

Novatank is Australian designed, engineered, owned and exported all over the globe.

Ideal For All Applications

Difficult Accesses

When collapsed, the Novatank can be rolled and lifted into almost any situation.

  •  Through doors and narrow pathways

  •  Stairways or steep areas

  •  Behind buildings, structures or trees

Inside Storage

With conventional tanks the option of placing water storage inside a building is impossible. The Novatank fits through standard doorways.

  • Basements and Cellars

  • Workshops, Sheds or Garages

  • Warehouses and Factories

Remote Areas

The cost and logistics of transporting rigid tanks is a prohibitive factor. Novatank’s mobility when collapsed is a functional and cost-effective solution.

  • Farmland

  • Desert regions

  • Forests

Temporary Storage

The ease of transportation and assembly means Novatank is perfect for a variety of situations.

  • Outdoor events

  • Pool repair and garden watering

  • Tank repair and cleaning

Mobile Storage

The ability to quickly mobilise large amounts of water storage capability has found many uses.

  • Construction sites

  • Firefighting

  • Disaster relief

Unique Novatank Characteristics

Still not convinced? Consider the advantages.

  • The only collapsable 5,000L tank in the World

  •  The most functional collapsable tank available

  •  Unlike bladders, you have a head of pressure

  •  Easily hide your tank away during non-use

  •  Effortlessly clean the inside of your tank

  •  Tank erection takes less than 10 minutes

  •  100% Aussie owned, engineered and exported


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Fittings Supplied

  • 1″ female Valve
  • 2″ female Valve
  • 19mm nipple
  • 25mm nipple
  • 32mm nipple
  • 50mm nipple
  • 2 x Reducers
  • 3″ Overflow
  • Mosquito screen for overflow
  • 400mm inlet filter and cover
  • Included for Assembly
    • 1. 40 Bolt assembly kit
    • 2. Instruction Manual
    • 3. Serial Numbers

Tank Specs

  • Tank weight: 105kg
  • Volume capacity: 5,000L
  • Full weight: 5.1T
  • Footprint: 3.1m2
  • Collapsed Height: 0.35m
  • Erected Height: 1.97m

Pallet Specs

  • Pallet weight: 550kg (5 Tanks)
  • Volume capacity: 25,000L
  • Pallet Width: 2.1m
  • Pallet Depth: 1.6m
  • Pallet Height: 2.2m
  • Pallet Footprint: 3.4m2

Stacked Tanks

  • Maximum stack: 5 Tanks
  • Total Weight: 525kg
  • Height: 1,650mm
  • Volume Capacity: 25,000L
  • Stack Volume: 5.2m3
  • Footprint: 3.1m2